We want every woman to be connected with others, and the best way we have found that this happens is in a life group type of environment. We offer womens life groups that meet weekly (click here to be directed to our life group page and fill out the interest form there), and we also offer monthly opportunities through something we call IF Table.


IF: Table At The Well

Gathering women together to create a space for them to feel known and provide an environment for conversation about following God and giving Him away.

Come and join us around the table!

IF:Table, this is a place to gather with women, share a simple meal, and dive deep with people over real stories and Christ-centered conversations. 

The vision is 6 women : 4 questions : 2 hours (Acts 2:46)

Details about IF:Table 

IF:Table happens once a month every September through May. Your group can determine what day works best. IF:Table can happen at your dining table, a local restaurant, or coffee shop - wherever you can gather around a table! 

Each month, your group will read a short blog and discuss 4 conversation cards that are provided by the IF:Gathering ministry. There is no homework or studying required! Check out an IF:Table blog and conversation cards here!

Will you join us?

If you are interested, sign up below!

If you are a mama or a nursing mama: don’t forget to set up childcare! Your monthly IF:Table meetings can sneak up on you. We want this to be a two-hour window of just us ladies sitting around a table enjoying each other and answering heart questions without the distractions of little people and boys and babies (as cute as they all are!).

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